Welcome to all! This is a self-care event. Please read on so you can come prepared.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Camp Collier is a no-frills 1940’s era camp on the shores of beautiful Lake Wampanoag with loons and Canada geese, in the middle of 500 acres of conservation land.  Attendees will be most comfortable if they prepare in advance for the special circumstances of the camp.

In general, this is a self-care event, with attendees expected to bring what they need in terms of food, clothing, bedding and shelter.  Camp stoves for cooking are suggested rather than campfires as it can be dry and windy, leading to fire hazards.  Please bring your own water bottle, plate/bowl, and utensils.  (We prefer NO plastic.)

Children are most welcome, but we do NOT offer childcare. Childcare is your own responsibility.

Cell phone service at the camp is variable, depending on the provider.

There are many sites for tent camping in the woods and along the shores of the lake.  Many people feel that the experience of sleeping on the earth and listening to the wind and the birds, with no electricity, telephones, TV, WiFi, etc. is an important part of the gathering.

The camp does NOT have RV camper hook-ups.  There is room for a few small, self-contained campers. You may sleep in your car as well. There are a few beds (camp mattresses with no bedding) available in simple cabins (electrified, but no heat) which we would like to reserve for elders, people, with special needs and families who do not have camping gear.  Please email us at if you are interested in one of these.  There are some local motels and RV campgrounds if these suit your needs better.

  • Lamb City Campground, 85 Royalston Road Phillipston, MA 01331 1-800-292-5262                               
  • Otter River State Forest, 86 Winchendon Rd. Baldwinville, MA 01436 978-939-8962 (RVsites but no hook-ups) 

~ Some local lodging includes:

  • Wachusett Village Inn, 9 Village Inn Road Westminster, MA 800-342-1905 
  • Rodeway Inn, 183 Main Street Westminster, MA 978-874-5951                        
  • Colonial Hotel, 625 Betty Springs Road Gardner, MA 978-630-2500 
  • South Gardner Hotel, 8 East Broadway Gardner, MA 978-630-1322 

There is good drinking water on site (please bring your own refillable drinking container) and cold-water facilities for men and women.  We provide coffee and tea and a few snacks in the snack bar near the fire circle.  Contributions to the snack bar are always most welcome! Camp stoves for cooking are suggested, rather than campfires, as they can be dry and windy, leading to fire hazards.  We will have a pot-luck feast on Saturday – please bring a dish to share and your own cutlery.

There will be a Give Away Ceremony, late morning on the final day.  Please bring something to give away!

Please observe CARRY IN, CARRY OUT!

The weather can range from 35-75 degrees, rainy to bright sun, calm to windy.  Please be prepared for all kinds of weather.

Suggestions of what to bring:

  • stories, songs, prayers, smiles! 
  • a chair to sit in 
  • sunscreen, bug dope, hat 
  • mug or jug for water, coffee, tea 
  • modest clothing for all kinds of weather 
  • towel and modest clothing for sweat lodge 
  • tent and bedding 
  • food, water bottle, cooking gear, plates and cutlery 
  • something for Saturday night’s Pot Luck supper 
  • something for the give-away blanket 
  • flashlight 

Please DO NOT bring:

  • dogs or other pets, except for service dogs 
  • drugs or alcohol 
  • weapons of any kind 
  • merchandise to sell 

We are all looking forward to Gathering and Sharing with all of you!