8th Fire Gathering 2022 (2023 pending): Return, Release, Reconnect, and Regenerate

People from all walks of life, all races and all faiths, are invited to the 2021  “8th Fire Gathering” in the Northeast. Bring your passion, vision, skills, knowledge, and expertise to help create a positive future. We will continue to build on the work of past gatherings: healing our relationship with each other and the Earth and using the collective energy to weave a path of light towards a “new people”. This will be a cross-cultural gathering where we will spend four days in dialogue, ceremony and celebration with the intention of making a “good way” ahead for Earth, Her children, and All Life. We will honor the wisdom and practices of Indigenous Peoples who have lived on Turtle Island successfully for thousands of years. Hear the voices of the grandmothers and grandfathers as they share the truths of their cultures.

Special themes for 2022:  Return, Release, Reconnect, and Regenerate

The use of the term “8th fire” references the 7 Fires prophesy of the Anishinabeg people and the possibility if we can find our way through this time, of coming to a new way of being in the right relationship with ourselves, each other and the Earth.

2022 organizers include past 8th Fire Gathering organizers and participants, not affiliated with any organization.  Additional volunteers to help with site preparation, assisting elders, safety and clean-up will be needed.  To volunteer, email us at 8thfirema2022@gmail.com.


LOCATION: Camp Collier, Gardner, MA on the shores of Lake Wampanoag in the midst of 500 acres of conservation land.

SELF CARE: Participants will come prepared to camp out and feed themselves.  See Information for Attendees.

CHILDREN are most welcome, but we do NOT offer childcare.  Childcare is your own responsibility.

THERE IS NO ENTRY FEE.  Donations will be gratefully accepted at the event.